Thursday, January 18, 2018
After School Program

Crazy News!!!! 3rd Expansion another location and much more…

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Do you know we had our graduation ceremony last Saturday? The kids had a blast and received their belts and their certificate in rewarding for their hard work.  Did you miss it?  If so check out the pictures. 

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Did you also know that we had last night Prof. Gordo one of the pioneers in BJJ, teaching a nice workshop here in Glendora at Sampa BJJ?

If you missed it, I urge you to do not miss it next time. check out the picture below. People had a blast they learned so much from Prof. Renato’s first instructor. 

Do you also know that we have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at 7 amProfessor Nathan is teaching every Mondays and Wednesdays. Come By and Check It out!

Do you know that our fitness program is doing great and we are an affiliate of The Famous Method Training for Warriors? We are also doing a promotion for the 9 AM fitness class. If 9 am fits your schedule call us now and ask about our promo for the 9 am fitness class. Also ask about our Family discounts!

We offer classes at 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM do not waste this opportunity to stay fit. 

Do you know That many of our adult students Say that they wish their parents had put them in Brazilian jiu jitsu classes when they were younger? So think twice when your child says that he or she wants to quit Jiu Jitsu because they might regret later on. Kids, many times, do not know what’s better for them. A good way to keep your child on track is saying that if they quit they will have to do all the chores at home!

Do you also know that we offer kickboxing classes for kids and that kids could cross train? In another words they could do jiu jitsu and kickboxing just ask us about how to be part of our elite program?
Have you seen our adult Muay Thai classes? They are amazing. Coach Josh is doing a great job, people are getting very fit , losing weight and feeling good. 

Do you know that we have a school in walnut and that you could train there as well? Do you know that if you could not afford the prices in Glendora you could just train in Walnut at a more affordable price?

Do you Know That we are opening up classes in La Verne for kids from 5 -10?

Do you know about our upgrade program? The upgrade program or the ELITE program is where the kids/adults learn more advanced techniques, where they can progress on the advanced belts, classes are longer, students spar, have different lessons such as gymnastics, katas, wrestling, parkour, submissions, curriculum online, discounts on events and much more. Ask us how to be part of it!

Lastly do you know that we are expanding Elwood? Yes, due to the success of our After school Program. We still have two spots available so call NOW!


Exciting News!!!!
Prof. Renato

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