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After School Program

Variety of Benefits of After School Programs

Child care and after school programs have become so widespread now that almost every child spends about a quarter of the day at either of these. Just like anything, there’s consequences – day care has its own share of effects, as do after school programs. The effects depend majorly on the time spent in these programs, the type and quality of care provided, etc, more or less similar to parenting.

The type and quality of care provided can influence the child’s growth and development – memory, language development, basic education, reading achievement, communication skills, relationships with parents and teachers, social skills, behavior/manners, habits, etc, especially for children below the age of 8-9 years (third grade).

Parents always want the best for their children. What is important, however, is the choice that parents make to raise their children. Parents often consider that their child care decision is right. However, it is very crucial for parents to have a complete idea of the several effects that child care can have on the psyche of the children. Among the various researched results, some are:

  • Memory: Children spending more time at after school programs tend to be better at scoring in test requiring short term memory. This in turn affects them during their primary grades.
  • Communication skills/social skills: As a result of spending so much time in day cares, some children may often become more introvert, as a result, sometimes growing up to be depressed and also a lack of connection with parents. After school programs on the other hand do a lot in such little time making them better in this aspect.
  • Behavioral problems: After school programs often put it in the children’s minds that good behavior is important. After school is a time for them to get that extra bit that other kids don’t get and to do that they must behave. Many after school activities are fun and beneficial at the same time, which means the child has to behave to do these activities.
  • Increasing conflicts with parents and teachers: The more the time spend at day care centers, the more increasing the rate of conflict, with both parents and teachers gets. The short time of after school programs allows physical activities, educational activities, and interactiveness in such a short time that the children are never bored and always gain new experiences.
  • Work habits: The work ethic of an adult is crucial and begins to be developed at a young age. Through after school programs the children understand that they have to earn certain benefits. This is the self-discipline aspect that these programs bring especially through martial arts.
  • Social and emotional functioning: A child’s social as well as emotional functioning, such as their communication with their peers is often negatively affected by the huge amount of time spent at day cares. Often chaotic, with lots of things going on day cares can be over flowing the children’s intake of information and processing of things.


Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers an After School Program with pick-up at local elementary and middle schools.  Children will enjoy a snack before attending martial arts classes and then have time to read, play games, and/or do arts and crafts, all under the watchful eyes of our highly qualified staff.   Whether enrolled in our After School Program or one of our day camp options, your child will be working with highly trained certified instructors in a fun filled environment!

Martial arts benefit – Each student enrolled attends one to two classes every day of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, tumbling and Kickboxing.  Each class self-defense techniques which develop strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina.  You can expect your child to learn all the benefits of martial arts training with our After School Program!

Transport & Pick up – We pick up our students from school and transport them to our facility.  We will take care of everything for you!  We pick up whenever the schools are dismissed, i.e., half-days and early dismissals; we also accommodate private school schedules.  Students will be encouraged to finish their homework before and after class time.  Parents’ pick up time is 6:00pm.

Day Camps – Unlike many programs, Sampa Mixed Martial Arts also provides day camps to accommodate various teacher workdays and holidays throughout the school year.    We provide a safe, secure, and fun-filled environment to support the needs of both parents and children.


Call Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy now and find out about our awesome Afterschool Program!

We are a high quality martial arts school that is self-defense driven as well as giving confidence and strengthening children’s character through good behavior and martial arts training.

Our number is (626) 335-4971

Don’t hesitate, this can be the difference your child needs in his/her life that will shape them into an even better person



Renato Migliaccio

Owner and Head Instructor,

Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Glendora, California

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